Today the Queensland LNP joined Labor in calling on the Prime Minister to finally start listening to those who will be adversely affected by the Government’s proposal to expand Defence training areas outside Rockhampton and Townsville.

Labor welcomes the Queensland LNP’s intervention, albeit a bit late.

Today Queensland LNP issued a media release to say Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls has written to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull requesting he immediately intervene in the proposed acquisition of rural properties in Central and Northern Queensland:

“Mr Nicholls said Mr Turnbull needed to sort out the mess quickly and provide certainty for landholders and local communities.”

The Turnbull Government announced an investment in the training areas prior to the election but kept secret the fact they would threaten landholders with compulsory land acquisition.

The Government’s actions were nothing short of deceitful.

Affected land holders only learned of the Government’s plans after the election but have still not been given any real detail and have been left in a desperate state of uncertainty

Defence Minister Marise Payne’s recent visit only exacerbated local concern and Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce has been nowhere to be seen.

The threat to such large tracts of agriculture land is a threat to both farmers and the communities in which they spend their money. It’s also a threat to jobs in Queensland’s meat processing sector.

The Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Joyce must surely now intervene.

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  • Kay Ross
    commented 2017-01-30 23:26:39 +1100
    Turnbull and Joyce are think about their own interests over the farmers and agriculture. Their answer is to import and the affected industry to let them go.. Turnbull only thinks immediate gain not the long term consequences.
  • Rosemary Lynch
    commented 2017-01-30 20:26:19 +1100
    Shamefully done: prime cattle – fattening country. Not acceptable TurnBULL.