Member for Hunter Joel Fitzgibbon has called on the Abbott Government to restore the $186,340 the former Labor Government allocated for CCTV cameras in Maitland.

Speaking in the parliament today, Mr Fitzgibbon said Justice Minister Michael Kennan’s response to the cries from the community have been “arrogant and dismissive”.

”This was a well-considered, fully funded program recommended by the Attorney General’s Department”, Mr Fitzgibbon said.

Mr Fitzgibbon was responding to Minister Keenan’s suggestion that if Mr Fitzgibbon was serious about the problem, he had six years to fix it.

In response Mr Fitzgibbon said; “There are a couple of points.  One is that this issue was not on my radar for six years.  The anti-social behaviour has grown and Maitland Council acted by making an application to the former government – an application we duly considered and responded to with more than $180,000.

“How dare Minister Keenan so arrogantly respond to the needs of the Maitland Community with such a dismissive remark.  I will tell the Minister what he can do.  He can apologise to the Maitland community. He can restore the funding and in doing so, address a very real problem in Maitland”.

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