Tony Abbott has delivered a horror budget for families in Hunter who will have their Family Tax Benefits reduced at the same time as they are hit with a new GP tax and a new fuel tax.

Every single family in Hunter will be left worse off as a result of Tony Abbott’s budget of broken promises and twisted priorities.

Families in Hunter on Family Tax Benefit Part B will now have their payment cut completely when their youngest child turns six. Labor will oppose Tony Abbott’s plan to cut families off Family Tax Benefit B when their youngest child turns six.

Under Labor, these families received Family Tax Benefit until their children turned 16.

This cut is an attack on single income families in Hunter.

Many of these families are already struggling to make ends meet. They are already cutting back. They can’t afford Tony Abbott’s new taxes and broken promises.

In addition to having their Family Tax Benefits cut, families will lose their Schoolkids Bonus at the same time as they are slugged with new taxes when they visit the GP and when they fill up their car.

Tony Abbott’s budget is a major hit to the budgets of families in Hunter.

Families in Hunter will start paying the price for Tony Abbott’s twisted priorities.

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