About time Minister

Today’s announcements that the Morrison Government will finally commence consultation on developing a mandatory code of conduct for the dairy industry will have farmers saying “about time Minister”.

Labor has been calling for the development of a mandatory code ever since the ACCC report was made public and welcomes the Morrison Government finally moving on commencing consultations.

Labor recently held a roundtable meeting with representatives from across the dairy industry supply chain and it was made clear that inaction from the Coalition Government is disappointing.

It is important to reflect that it was after an eighteen month inquiry into the dairy industry, that the ACCC has recommended a Mandatory Code of Conduct to address the significant bargaining power imbalance between our dairy farmers, processors and retailers.

The ACCC report was made public on 30 April 2018 following the inquiry established following the Murray Goulburn crisis in 2016.  The report date signed off by the then Treasurer, Scott Morrison was meant to be 1 November 2017.

Sadly almost one year on and the Morrison Government is only commencing consultations.

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