ACCC gives Government a nudge on dairy

It’s now four months since the ACCC delivered its report on the dairy industry.  The Government is yet to respond and has ignored its recommendations.

The key recommendation was the establishment of a Mandatory Code of Conduct to address market power balance between dairy farmers and processors.

But while the Morrison Government refuses to act, the ACCC is not letting the issue go.

Yesterday the Commission released a ‘Guide to the ACCC’s mandatory code recommendation’.

It’s more than a gentle nudge. 

The guide again points out the reasons for the ACCC’s recommendation and outlines the process for developing the code and its likely effects.

Today Minister Littleproud tried to blame the dairy industry for not proceeding with the mandatory code claiming that they had not come to him with a united voice and then he used the excuse that he has only been in the job for 8 months as a reason for not acting.

I remind the Minister that the previous Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce did nothing for the dairy industry either and excuses won’t wash with them.

Our dairy farmers are also suffering from the drought and whether it’s the banks or the retailers, the Morrison Government is very quick to push others to act on the impact of the drought. But it won’t act itself.

Speaking about the drought this morning, Minister Littleproud told ABC radio:-

“We need to be big enough to say that if we haven’t got it right, we are going to go and change it.”

Well Minister, you haven’t got it right.

In the electorally sensitive State of Queensland, the Government cobbled together a Mandatory Code for the Sugar industry overnight.  It obviously views our dairy farmers as less important.


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