Another week has passed and there is still no Agricultural Competitiveness Green Paper.

The Abbott Government’s Green Paper on Agricultural Competitiveness was due mid-year.

“The Green Paper is expected to be released for consultation around the middle of 2014.”
- Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet website

We have now reached October and the Green Paper is nowhere to be found.

Worse, given the Government promised an eight week consultation period between the Green and White papers as detailed in the issues paper, it now seems impossible for the White paper to be delivered this year as promised.

Table 1: Key dates for White Paper process

Announcement of terms of reference                                          9 December 2013
Release of issues paper                                                               6 February 2014
Due date for submissions on issues paper                                         17 April 2014
Release of Green Paper                                                                          Mid 2014
Due date for submissions on Green Paper                              8 weeks after release
Release of White Paper                                                                      End of 2014

As a result agriculture now faces many more than 12 months of policy inertia.

To fully capitalise on the Asia led “Dining Boom” we need a strategic plan and the 14 months already lost are 14 months we will never get back.

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