Another day, another drought tour, but still no effective assistance for struggling farming families.

Yesterday the Treasurer and Agriculture Minister toured drought affected areas in Walgett in NSW and Charleville in QLD.

The tour followed criticism of the Government's drought response from the Coalition's own MPs.

But just like the drought tour undertaken by the Prime Minister and Agriculture Minister in February, it appears to have been all about political management.

In a media release put out yesterday the Treasurer stated that “Today isn’t about us telling people what we are doing”.

But it’s extraordinary that after months of incompetence and uncertainty, the Treasurer and the Agriculture Minister still can’t tell struggling farming families what they are doing to help.

Yesterday's tour was all pictures, but no action.

Labor has been calling on the Abbott Government for months to do more for drought affected farming families and has offered bi-partisan support to ensure assistance is delivered quickly.

Drought affected farmers are still waiting. They don’t need another picture opportunity, and they don’t need more promises. They need their government to act.

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