Almost six years on, government finds a role for farmers and vegetation

After almost six years in office, the Morrison Government has finally discovered the need to incentivise the adoption of best-practice land management techniques in the agriculture sector.

 For two years following the 2013 election we waited for an Agriculture White Paper which was silent on the biggest issue facing the sector: the state of our natural resource base.  Now, five minutes before calling an election, the Morrison Government is finally showing some interest.
The so-called Agriculture Biodiversity Stewardship Program appears to have admirable objectives, Labor supports the concept of biodiversity certification, a model we have championed for many years, but we will await the detail. 
Labor again urges the Government to support the abolition of the “Water Rule” both for plantations and farm forestry in relation to forestry’s interaction with Carbon Farming Initiative methodologies.
Initiatives designed to help farmers earn income from carbon sequestration and biodiversity-building farming methods should ideally be market-based but the former Labor Government’s Caring for Country and Reef Rescue programs delivered direct grants to worthy on-farm projects.  The Coalition Government abolished both programs and cut Landcare funding following the 2013 election.
Labor is concerned to ensure the Agriculture Biodiversity Stewardship Program is not yet another National Party pork barrelling exercise.  Methodologies must be robust, additional and grant funding should be subject to a competitive tender arrangement rather than political whim. 
We cannot achieve our aspirations for Australia’s agriculture sector without a deeper and more meaningful focus on our natural resource base.

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  • Louisa Kiely
    commented 2019-03-30 11:48:47 +1100
    Yes, and if the ERF Land Sector methods are reviewed sensibly like suggested above in the Water Rule, Farmers stand ready, willing and able to simultaneously meet Paris Targets, the Labour Party targets and more. These methods already have robust MMV embedded and we are building a Carbon Farming Trade which can be scaled as soon as the ‘method pipeline’ is addressed. Its the only thing stopping this Carbon Farming Market from taking its place in meeting Australia’s Targets.