Another week has passed and Minister Barnaby Joyce has still not released the tax-payer funded cost-benefit analysis (CBA) on his crazy relocation of the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) to his own electorate.

This week, despite originally committing to doing so, Minister Barnaby Joyce failed to turn up and address the annual CropLife National Members’ Forum in Canberra on Thursday. CropLife is the peak body representing the companies that provide much needed pesticides and agricultural chemicals to our farmers.

Barnaby Joyce should have fronted up to justify his ill-conceived decision to relocate the APVMA given the detrimental impact the move is sure to have on the authority’s efficiency.

Meanwhile, more speculation has emerged that Barnaby Joyce is stubbornly wedded to his 19 per cent backpacker tax because he has been told the money will be used to fund the ridiculous and illogical relocation of the APVMA.

On one hand the Government is willing to destroy farming enterprises in desperate need of backpacker labour during the summer harvest season to repair the budget.

This logic does not stack up because on the other hand the Government is willing to support the crazy idea to relocate the APVMA at a likely increased cost to the original $24 million with no concern shown for farmers.

This is a reflection of Barnaby Joyce’s lack of integrity and his propensity to look after himself to the disadvantage of taxpayers and our hard working farmers.

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