Another week has passed and Minister Barnaby Joyce has still not released the tax-payer funded cost-benefit analysis (CBA) on his crazy relocation of the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) to his own electorate.

While Barnaby Joyce was busy lying about his ill-conceived backpacker tax this week, I was welcoming the decision of the Australian Nation Audit Office's decision to accept my invitation to consider the impact of Barnaby Joyce's proposal to relocate the APVMA as part of its current performance audit of the APVMA.
I implore Minister Joyce to wait for the outcome of the audit report, due to be tabled in Autumn 2017, before he relocates this vital artery for the agriculture sector.
As with the backpacker tax, the Labor Party is determined to ensure agriculture policy is evidence-based.
In contrast, the Government and Minister Joyce continue to show a lack of integrity and interest in doing what is right for the Australian people. Otherwise he would have already released the obviously damning APVMA analysis.
The Government must halt the APVMA relocation until proper evidence can be provided to support the disruptive, damaging and costly move.
The pork barrelling at the expense of Australia's agriculture sector must end. The sector is watching to learn more about the link between proposed backpacker tax revenue and the cost of relocating the APVMA.
We know that Barnaby Joyce was using the budget save to pay for his some of his questionable white paper initiatives.
These revelations came to light during a Senate estimates hearing.

“Both the agriculture white paper and Northern Australia white paper needed funding to pay for them and part of the source of the fundings was from this particular measure,” Department acting deputy secretary Paul Morris said in response to questioning on the backpacker tax.

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