Australians have a right to know what's in the new Coalition Agreement

Scott Morrison must do the honourable thing and release the Coalition Agreement. 

Malcolm Turnbull spent $80,000 of taxpayers’ money on lawyers keeping the last agreement a secret. It’s time for some transparency and accountability.

All Australians are entitled to know what deals he did with the National Party in order to become the Prime Minister.

It became high farce this morning with Agriculture Minister David Littleproud telling ABC radio that he doesn’t know what is in the Coalition Agreement.

Reports today that Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack is under threat amid a bitter battle with his National Party colleagues about components of the Coalition Agreement is all the more reason it should be released.

It is clear that policy matters such as the mystical agriculture visa are causing deep division both within the National Party and between the National Party and the Liberal Party.

Labour force issues are critically important to the agriculture sector and the Prime Minister must show some leadership on the issue.

Nothing is more fundamental to our democracy than the deal a major party does with a minor party to form government.
The Australian people have a right to know what deals have been done.

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