Barnaby Joyce confirmed again today he is all hat, no cowboy. All spin, no substance.

Last week he told Queensland cane growers he would intervene in their dispute with Wilmar if the Queensland Parliament did not act this week.

Joyce told cane growers:

“We have options at the federal level.” and,

“I’ve got other cards up my sleeve and I’ll play them at my will.”

Last night the Queensland Parliament chose not to intervene in the commercial stand-off.

Today Barnaby Joyce led the second full-court-press of rural Liberals and Nationals in two days. Yesterday they announced a website, today they announced a review.

George Christenson was not there. Barnaby Joyce is on the run but the Member for Dawson has already bolted.

Barnaby Joyce said nothing about sugar today until pressed by journalists. Queensland growers will be asking why.

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