Agriculture Minister and Member for New England deserted local farmers in his electorate today when he voted in the Parliament to deny them the right to appeal against mining project decisions.

The Abbott Government says it is attempting to amend the Environmental Planning and Biodiversity Conservation Act in order to stop environmental groups from appealing against mining project decisions.
On the eve of the introduction of the amending Bill, Barnaby Joyce said farmers need not be concerned because the Government’s Bill would only repeal part of the relevant section of the Act.
But when the Bill was introduced, it sought to repeal the whole section in question.
Barnaby Joyce needs to explain how famers will have standing to appeal if the whole section of the Act is repealed having earlier assured them the partial repeal was their protection.
Today he refused to go on the record in Parliament.  But while he can run he can’t hide, and he will have to face his local Liverpool Plain farmers when he returns home this weekend.

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