Barnaby Joyce's pork barrel continues to fail

Confirmation this week the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) will undertake a 3 month e-working trial for staff refusing to relocate to Armidale is further evidence Barnaby Joyce’s pork barrel continues to fail.

Barnaby Joyce’s handpicked CEO for the APVMA, Dr Chris Parker stated that:

The agency is seeking expressions of interest for a three-month trial of flexible working that, for some, might convert to a permanent long-distance arrangement that will keep them employed at the pesticides authority.

Dr Parker is refusing to disclose how much the e-working trial will cost or indeed what the APVMA’s IT strategy will cost in addition to the $25.6 million dollars.

Earlier this year it was confirmed by the former APVMA CEO that the digital strategy would cost in the multimillions.

Hansard extract – 11 April 2017:

Ms Arthy: I cannot give you the cost now; in about two weeks, I probably could. As you can imagine, we are moving very fast on this. We have the executive director of the digital strategy in. He is currently scoping up what is needed to essentially build systems that will support remote working, and also support more efficient work flow within the agency so that we can get applications out faster than what we can at the moment. We are going to be presenting a detailed proposal, including costings, to the advisory committee at the end of this month—so in two weeks time––and we will get advice from them before we provide it to government in May for consideration. Then we will, hopefully, have all that sorted by the end of June, but that will then depend on the processes with government.

Senator GALLAGHER: Presumably it will be a multimillion project?

Ms Arthy: Yes, it is certainly multimillion.

We know Barnaby Joyce wrote [Ref: MS16-002400] to the Finance Minister on 23 November 2016 confirming the digital strategy would require further funding.

It’s past time Barnaby Joyce told the truth about how much more his pork barrel will cost Australian taxpayers.

This financial cost will be in addition to the regulatory cost stakeholders, our farmers and the public are already paying in delayed applications due to the declining performance at the APVMA.

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