Barnaby Joyce must take his share of the blame for the disastrous result for the Nationals in the Orange By-Election.

The Orange electorate is a prominent destination for backpackers.  The government’s backpacker tax debacle was undoubtedly a major issue for the local community, which relies on backpackers to keep the farms going.
Farmers are working out the Turnbull Government's priorities are all wrong.
Jacking up taxes on regional communities to fund pork barrels in the Deputy Prime Minister's own electorate is a case in point.
It’s time for Barnaby to stop selling out regional Australia and start standing up to Malcolm Turnbull and his harbourside Liberals.
If Barnaby and the Nationals keep selling out regional Australia, it won’t be long till he goes the same way as Troy Grant.
The Agriculture Minister campaigned in Orange twice. Troy Grant has taken his medicine, today Barnaby Joyce needs to take some responsibly for the strife the Nationals are in.

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