Barnaby Joyce could be in breach of the Commonwealth Archives Act (1983)  having deliberately deleted correspondence between himself and sacked Departmental Head Dr Paul Grimes.

Documents obtained under FOI show that in an extraordinary attempt to wipe from history a letter the former Agriculture Secretary emailed to his Minister just before is dismissal, Barnaby Joyce instructed his staff to remove any trail to the correspondence.
Hansardgate just grew much larger.  We now have not just a Hansard doctoring cover-up and the sacking of a respected Departmental head, but also revelations of Minister Joyce’s desperate attempts to hide the nature and extent of the concerns Dr Grimes had expressed over the whole affair and possibly, the Minister’s performance.  

They say the cover-up is always worse than the crime and Barnaby Joyce should have been alert to that reality.
The Prime Minister must honour his personal commitment to me and Members of the House of Representatives that all documents relating to Hansardgate will be released.


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