The Business Council of Australia report:  Building Australia’s Comparative Advantages: A 21st Century Agrifood Sector highlights the failure of the Turnbull Government to provide a plan and strategic guidance for the agriculture and agribusiness sectors.

The BCA says what Labor has been saying:  the food sector needs a plan, not platitudes and there is a role for government in ensuring it makes the most of the opportunities presented by growing Asia demand for high quality, environmentally sustainable and safe food.

The report touches on a number of issues Barnaby Joyce doesn’t talk about in his White Paper:  the need for clear goals and objectives; the creation of efficient scale; branding; supply chain integration; value-adding; bio-technology; and the need for more foreign investment.

Indeed the BCA is critical of recent changes to the Foreign Investment Review Board screening thresholds and application fees.

In Government Labor began to plan for the ‘Dining Boom” with the production of the Asia Century report and the National Food Plan.

Since the election of the Abbott-Turnbull Government  the agriculture and agribusiness sectors have had little but spin and platitudes.

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