Big sheep boat wins race over Moss review

The release of the Morrison Government’s review into the culture within the live export regulator is now eight weeks late but that hasn’t stopped their approval of a shipment of 130,000 sheep from Perth to Kuwait.

Labor understands the Moss Report has been sitting on Minister Littleproud’s desk for a number of weeks and he is refusing to release the full list of recommendations. 
This rings alarm bells for all those concerned with animal welfare; particularly given Minister Littleproud’s comments at the National Farmers’ Federation Congress where he claimed that the live export industry was to be reset.
It must be remembered that the culture Mr Philip Moss AM has been looking at was created by former Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce and following the leadership battles within the Nationals there is a real possibility that he may be returned to Cabinet before the reforms can be implemented. 
Minister Littleproud must come out of hiding to explain why he is keeping the Moss review report a secret.
Governments must build and maintain public confidence in the agriculture sector’s practices to ensure sustainable profitability . The Morrison Government has not done so.

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  • Emily Ford
    commented 2018-10-24 19:44:18 +1100
    Barbarous Joyce – a sadistic bottom dweller who has dodged at least three potential parliamentary inquiries that come to mind. Cover-ups of the heinous cruelty in live exports including number of critters overboard; purchase of 2 properties in gas rich fields; complicity in water theft in MDB? A narcissistic and cruel individual who has soiled our halls of parliament in perpetuity.
  • Marilyn Allan
    commented 2018-10-20 14:13:54 +1100
    Stop Live Exports and Man Up – have a voice for the animals they can’t defend themselves – stop feeding us lies and do the right thing – meat is on it’s way out – be proactive for once!!!