Parliament has risen until the May Budget session and I look forward to spending more time in the electorate. 

It’s been an inauspicious year so far for the Abbott Government with only six weeks until its second Budget but still unable to pass its first!

What a wonderful thing it was to have Cessnock once again acclaimed as one of the country’s top tourism destinations.  It’s a great credit to all our local entrepreneurs and will serve as encouragement for the great work being done by our business leaders in the Upper Hunter.

It’s also a reminder that despite what many say, we do enjoy a great deal of economic diversity in the Hunter.  While it is true our coal mining industry remains a big and important part of our economy, it’s also true we have a strong services sector and significant other industries including retail, manufacturing, agriculture, viticulture, thoroughbred breeding to name just a few.

With ANZAC Day ceremonies fast approaching it’s time for all organisations to check the condition on their Australian Flags. As Federal Member for Hunter I am able to provide free of charge flags to not-for-profit organisations. 

If your organisation needs a new Australian, Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander flag, please contact my office on 1300 301 753 and one will be arranged for you.

Do you have a disability that prevents you from accessing standard telephone services? Telstra has a range of products to help you.

Telstra’s Disability Equipment Program is for customers who are deaf or blind or have a hearing, speech, vision, mobility or dexterity impairment.

For more information about this program, visit or call my office and I’ll arrange for a brochure to be sent to you.

Neighbourhood Watch is a community lead safety and awareness program that aims to prevent crime, stop social isolation and increase the safety, security and quality of life for everyone in our community.

A Neighbourhood Watch program gives people cause and confidence to make contact with, and simple talk to their neighbours.

If you would like to receive up to date crime prevention information or would like to receive further information on participating in the Neighbourhood Watch program you can register by visiting Neighbourhood Watch is a joint police and community program.

I am always keen to assist with issues or questions relating to Federal Government departments or put you in contact with someone who can, so please ring, write, visit the website or call in.

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