D-Day has come for hundreds of ABC and SBS staff as the organisations reveal which services and shows will be victims of Tony Abbott’s budget cuts – and the Hunter is one of the biggest losers.

Reports have emerged that the local ABC radio station – 1233ABC Newcastle – will be forced to cut several staff and will reduce programming at the station as a result of the Liberal Government’s $500 million cut to national broadcasters.

Hunter Labor MP’s have condemned the cuts, saying they represent a broken promise by the Prime Minister.

“Tony Abbott promised not to cut the ABC before the election, but that’s exactly what he’s doing now,” Shortland MP Jill Hall said.

“It’s one of a series of broken promises, and one that again hurts the people of the Hunter.”

“ABC 1233 provides vital services, it is a local voice for our community,” Charlton MP Pat Conroy said.

“It’s not just broadcasting of news and current affairs that will suffer, but also during emergencies. These services are imperilled by these cuts, you can’t provide local information if your radio broadcasters are based in Sydney or Canberra.”

“Bob Baldwin was on 1233 this morning trying to blame the ABC’s Managing Director, Mark Scott, for these cuts,” Hunter MP Joel Fitzgibbon said.

“What a cop out. The blame lies solely with Tony Abbott and the Liberal Party, they’re the ones cutting the ABC’s Budget and they should take responsibility for it.”

“It is a hurtful day for our community,” Newcastle MP Sharon Claydon said.

“1233 is an intrinsic part of our city and the broader Hunter, and provides an important platform for our community to connect, learn and be informed. The destruction of regional media leaves the entire community worse off. These cuts to 1233 ABC hurt all of us.”



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