Budget Protect Aussie Aged Care Campaign

Residential aged care funding in Australia

Labor has a strong record of supporting older Australians to age with dignity, respect and a high standard of care.

When last in government, Labor delivered the biggest reforms to aged care and ageing policy in a generation.

Labor’s $3.7 billion strategy known as the Living Longer, Living Better aged care package provided a ten year plan to deliver choice, fairness, quality and sustainability in our aged care system.

We delivered a strong framework to build the aged care services that Australians deserve and progress was being made. Unfortunately the instability and inaction of the Turnbull Government has threated the continued progress of these critical reforms.

Despite the proportion of Australians accessing aged care services continuing to increase, the Turnbull Government has done nothing to develop a sustainable funding model for residential care.

Instead the Turnbull Government has cut around $2 billion from aged care growth funding since 2015, including $1.2 billion in its 2016 Budget.

Labor has led the campaign for reform to residential aged care funding and as a result we were successful in forcing the Government to back down on some of the harshest components of their 2016 Budget cuts, late last year.

While a recent Australian Health Services Research Institute Report confirms the current funding model is broken and must be fixed, the Turnbull Government has made no commitments to deliver funding reform.

This uncertainty has cast doubt over aged care funding in the 2017 Budget.

Labor will continue to fight for a sustainable and predictable funding model that can provide older Australians with the care they need, regardless of where they live or how much they are able to pay.

We will fight any Liberal cuts to aged care funding in the 2017 Budget.

It is only with Labor in government that Australians can be truly secure in knowing they will get the aged care services they need.


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