Canberra Report: Labor supports aged care Royal Commission

All who tuned in to Four Corners' reports on our aged care system will have been shocked and disappointed by the heartbreaking cases showing vulnerable people being abused or not receiving the care and respect they deserve.

Labor supports a Royal Commission into the abuse and the cover-ups in the aged care sector, but the government should not wait for the Royal Commission to complete its work before they start fixing the problems.

Labor has been saying for a long time that the aged care system is in a state of national crisis.

Amazingly when Bill Shorten raised the matter in the Parliament in May a Government Minister had the audacity to say that raising it was akin to elder abuse.

We are glad they the government is now listening.

There have been several inquiries into problems in the aged care sector which the government hasn't acted on.

The quality standards and reporting system isn't working.

There aren't enough aged care workers - and they aren't given enough pay, respect or support.

The Royal Commission needs to examine the impact of the years of funding cuts.

You don't fix aged care by cutting its funding.

Billions of dollars have been cut from aged care in the last five years.

The now Prime Minister Scott Morrison cut almost $2 billion in his first year as Treasurer.

No wonder the system is in trouble.

There are 108,000 people on the home care package waiting list, including 88,000 people with high needsmany living with dementia.

We can be judge as a nation by how we treat our elderly.

We can't claim to be a fair and generous country until we give elderly Australians the love, care and respect they deserve.

With three Ministers in five years and billions of dollars cut, the government has ignored dozens of its own reports and reviews on what is needed to fix the problems.

These reviews and reports have been allowed to collect dust instead of being acted on.

For those who seek further resources and support, please visit Aged Care Complaints Commissioner or call 1800 550 552.

My office can also assist with aged care matters, so please contact my team if you need help.

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