Canberra report: Great way to keep residents informed

My thanks to the many who attended my Seniors' Forum in Muswellbrook yesterday.

The events are a great way to keep retired residents well informed on a range of issues including Centrelink entitlements, aged care options, wills and personal security.

My thanks to Muswellbrook Seniors Citizens for allowing us to use their excellent venue.


It's now more than four weeks since the Prime Minister made his poorly-informed declaration that he wanted AGL to keep the Liddell power station operating for another ten years rather than the five years the company long ago announced.

Despite my many invitations Malcolm Turnbull still hasn't visited Liddell to better understand the issues and to speak with a workforce desperately looking for certainty.

Nor has the Prime Minister mentioned Liddell in the past four weeks. His big plan to fix a mess of his own creation appears to have been forgotten. I suspect he now realises the folly of his political stunt.

Meanwhile, I continue my push to ensure AGL invests here, takes care of its workforce, and creates new power jobs.

I am inviting feedback from residents who have had or are having bad experiences with the NBN. Right throughout our electorate people have been sharing their nightmare stories and the more I have, the stronger my case is for demanding some action from government.

What a shocking debacle it has been. Delays, drop outs and slow speeds. Winding the scheme back to one reliant on copper was a very bad mistake and will probably end up costing more than our plan to deliver fibre right to the home. Very many who have switched over report a slower service than the one they had from their ADSL2 service.

Please email me -

If you can't email you can send me a note to P.O Box 526, Cessnock, 2325.


I look forward to joining members of Denman Little Athletics tonight to officially open their new discus net and long jump pit.

Any investment which keeps our kids active and busy is a good one.

So, too, is one which helps them hone their sporting skills.

Congratulations to the club and Muswellbrook Shire Council which also played and important role in securing the new facilities.


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  • Dylan Smith
    commented 2018-03-01 23:05:21 +1100
    Thank you for sharing the news!