The massive reduction in cattle being exported to Indonesia will have a huge impact on Australian cattle producers.

As new problems emerge in Australia’s live export sector, Tony Abbott and Barnaby Joyce are still refusing to be in the same room as each other.

Cattle farmers are suffering while Tony Abbott and Barnaby Joyce are bickering.

Always quick to claim credit when things are going well, Barnaby Joyce’s silence on the cut to Indonesia’s beef import quotas has been deafening.

It's time for Barnaby Joyce to stop sulking and stand up for cattle producers.

The Agriculture Minister has not been seen nor heard since Greg Hunt whispered his Shenhua mine approval under the cover of the release of the discredited agriculture white paper.

The live export trade is of critical importance to Australian producers.

The situation in Indonesia is a reminder of the importance of market diversity.

The animal welfare system Labor put in place has allowed Australia to open new markets in both Asia and the Middle East.

The situation in Indonesia is a shocking development but should not have been entirely unexpected if Minister Joyce was across his brief and not distracted by his internal wars within Cabinet.

Tony Abbott said he wanted our foreign policy to be less about Geneva and more about Jakarta yet there's no doubt Australia's relationship with Indonesia has deteriorated under Tony Abbott.

It’s time for Barnaby Joyce to emerge from his hide-out and do his job.


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  • Tom Bell
    commented 2015-07-15 00:35:34 +1000
    living in a country town myself I find it hard to understand the attitude of the majority of people over 60 who like Mr. Joyce blame everything on labor or the greens, yet when it’s obvious to clear thinking people that the coalition government is at fault groan and make big fellas of themselves then toe the line and hope nobody remembers at election time. how can honest country people support the Nationals the gutless backers and numbers men for the lib’s. Barnaby stand up like a man against them now and put some pride back into the Nationals or dissolve the party. asyou are meaningless to true country folk and totally irrelevant to our needs.