I was disappointed not to be able to attend the 50th Birthday celebrations for Cessnock VIEW Club last week.  Kim from my office attended in my place and confirmed that I missed out on a wonderful event.

Fifty years is a long time in anybody's language. But when you think about the number of people involved and the good work done over the period of Cessnock VIEW Club's existence, it's even more remarkable.

The roles and responsibilities of a federal member are many and varied; some are more enjoyable than others.  My attendance at Cessnock VIEW Club luncheons have always well and truly fallen into the "enjoyable" category.

Happy 50th Birthday to all Cessnock VIEW Club members past and present.  Thank you for what you do for others, and thank you for what you do for one another.


Last week Clayton Barr and I were flogged in tennis by 90yr old Tom Outram and 89yr old Len Jarrett. The veterans won the match 6 -1 and we were lucky to escape with one game.  I learned again that spin will beat a hard shot any day!

Both men looked exceptionally good and I wish them both many more years of good health and happiness. Legends!

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has commenced its Household Income and Expenditure Survey (HIES) which will run until June 2016.

The HIES is a national household survey which collects information on household income, expenditure, assets and liabilities and is one of the most important social surveys conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). It is run every six years and provides the community with a vital resource for analyzing the economic resources of Australian households.

Information on demographic and socioeconomic characteristics (including education, labour force status, child care arrangements, disability status and perceptions of financial situation) and financial details (for income, assets, liabilities and expenditure on housing) will be collected through a personal interview with residents from approximately 18,900 private dwellings in urban and rural areas of all states and territories. A subset of respondents from 10,900 of those dwellings will also be asked detailed expenditure questions. This includes the completion of a diary of purchases and payments made over a two-week period by persons aged 15 years and over.

Principal users of the HIES information are government and other social and economic analysts involved in the development, implementation and evaluation of social and economic policies. Results will be used to analyse and monitor the social and economic welfare of Australians, including household income distribution and the expenditure patterns of households within potentially disadvantaged groups. These analyses assist in the planning of services and support arrangements. The survey is also the main basis for updating the commodity weights in the Consumer Price Index.

Due to the comprehensive nature of the HIES survey, the ABS makes every effort to reduce the burden on respondents. All information provided is treated as confidential under the Census and Statistics Act1905, and the ABS takes extensive precautions to protect the data.

Voting in Australia is compulsory, but it is also a privilege.  It is important that you exercise your right to vote and to do so you need to make sure your enrolment is up to date. 

To check your current enrolment or to register to vote go to www.aec.gov.au and follow the links or call my office for more information.  Make your vote count!

I am always keen to assist with issues or questions relating to Federal Government departments or put you in contact with someone who can, so please ring, write, visit the website or call in.

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