COAG drought outcome

It is clear it wasn’t a priority for the Prime Minister but at COAG today he signed an InterGovernmental Agreement (IGA) on Drought.

Six months late, the IGA is close to a carbon copy of the Agreement the former Labor Government agreed with the States in 2013.  The biggest change is the title.


The likeness of the IGA to the 2013 Agreement is an admission the Abbott-Turnbull-Morrison Government failed to progress drought policy reform over the course of the past five years.


Barnaby Joyce’s first act as the new Agriculture Minister in 2013 was to abolish the COAG committee charged with the responsibility to implement the agreed reform program.  That’s when reform stalled.  Five years have been lost.


It is of concern that today Scott Morrison did not commit to the reformation of a formal COAG committee to get reform back on track.  A Shorten Labor Government will do so.


When he rolled Malcolm Turnbull, Scott Morrison said drought and our farmers would be his number one priority.  But it seems as the media focus has moved on, so too has our Prime Minister.



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