Barnaby Joyce and Scott Morrison’s dodgy deal with the Greens has cost the Budget an extra $100 million for the same uncompetitive 15 per cent backpacker tax rate.

Instead of taking a lower cost deal with Labor today, the Government held out for a deal for an uncompetitive 15 per cent tax rate that cost the Budget an additional $100 million over the forward estimates.

That’s a $100 million taxpayer-funded price tag for a Barnaby Joyce-Scott Morrison face saving deal.
This is a Government that has managed to deliver both arrogance and incompetence in one spectacular end of year flop, seeing the same high tax rate in a package that raises less over the forward estimates.
Not long ago Scott Morrison was suggesting Adam Bandt would be Deputy Treasurer in a Labor Government.
Well today’s dud deal for the taxpayer has Richard Di Natale’s signature on the Treasurer, Scott Morrison’s letterhead.
The original backpacker tax measure and subsequent Government backflips were supposed to form the basis of a saving measure.
But this afternoon, the Greens announced they had struck a deal with the Government at a cost to the Budget of $155 million.
At the same time as Scott Morrison lectures on the triple-A rating being lost, he just wrote a huge taxpayer cheque for no other reason than saving political face.
Labor condemns this as a dud deal for the taxpayer and for the agricultural and tourism sectors in regional Australia.

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