Dysfunctional Turnbull Government continues to fail on biosecurity

Reports today that there have been further fruit fly outbreaks in Tasmania is devastating news.

This serious biosecurity breach should have been the number one priority for the Turnbull Government.

Australians not only in Tasmania but across the country want to be reassured that our Government is doing all it can to contain the fruit fly outbreak.

Instead, all we have seen over the past weeks is the public infighting between the Coalition partners.

Malcolm Turnbull has failed to stand up to Barnaby Joyce, allowing him to waste millions on his pork barrel boondoggles rather than investing in and strengthening Australia’s biosecurity systems.

The strength of Australia’s biosecurity system is what provides our trading partners with the confidence that they are buying the highest quality of clean, green and safe produce.

It is past time Malcolm Turnbull put an end to the Barnaby circus and put Australia’s national interest ahead of the interests of self-absorbed individuals.

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