End to live sheep exports Bill passes the Senate

The Animal Export Legislation amendment (Ending Long-haul Live Sheep Exports) Bill 2018 passed the Senate today with the support of Labor.

The Bill will end the long-haul export of live sheep during the scorching northern hemisphere summer months and phase out the balance of the trade over a five year period.

The Morrison Government must now allow a debate and a vote on the Senate Bill in the House of Representatives.
The amendments to the Bill are in response to horrific vision aired on 60 Minutes in April of sheep suffering and dying on voyages to the Middle East.
It’s clear the Australian community does not believe the trade can meet reasonable animal welfare expectations.
The Senate Bill mirrors the Private Member’s Bill sponsored in the House by MPs Sussan Ley and Sarah Henderson. The two recently promoted Liberal MPs must stick to their word and stand by their commitment to support the phase out of the trade.
Labor has listened to the overwhelming community concerns and the scientific experts and we will continue the fight to put an end to live sheep exports.

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