Energy supplement abolishment

Thank you for writing to me about the Turnbull Government’s unfair plan to axe the Energy Supplement, a payment designed to help vulnerable Australians with the cost of energy.

This is the third time that Malcolm Turnbull has tried to abolish the Energy Supplement. 

Labor will again oppose the abolition of the Energy Supplement to pensioners and vulnerable Australians.

Labor does not believe that pensioners, people with disability, carers and unemployed Australians should be forced to do the heavy lifting of budget repair, particularly when the Turnbull Government is giving a $65 billion tax cut to big business.

Cutting the Energy Supplement risks pushing vulnerable Australians even further into a cycle of poverty and hardship.

For example a pensioner couple would be around $550 a year worse off and a single mother on Newstart would be around $220 a year worse off if Mr Turnbull gets his way and abolishes the Energy Supplement.

This is a $1 billion cut to some of the most vulnerable members of society at a time when wholesale energy prices have doubled since 2013.

Labor will continue to oppose Mr Turnbull’s plan to axe the Energy Supplement.


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