Barnaby Joyce could immediately assist drought affected farming families by restoring the $40 million he has withheld from the Farm Finance low interest loans scheme.

Labor's Farm Finance scheme is up and running and does what a "reconstruction bank" should do - it shifts farm debt from the commercial banks to the Commonwealth on a low interest/interest only basis.

Further, there is evidence that the Farm Finance scheme is causing the banks to offer farmers a better deal in a quest to maintain the debt on their own books.

Barnaby Joyce continues to publicly call on his Cabinet colleagues to act but one simple act by him would make an additional $40 million available immediately.

Further, a quick and effective response to the growing drought emergency would be to enhance Farm Finance by further lowering the 4.5% interest rate and adjusting the guidelines to improve access for drought-affected farmers.

Given the Farm Finance scheme is already operational, the additional money could flow quickly - and for many farm families every day counts.

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