The drought is bad and growing worse by the day. Labor has been saying what needs to be done for weeks, and that’s now supported by the National Famers’ Federation (NFF).

What is the Abbott Government waiting for?

Farmers need more help and they need it now.

The former Labor Government secured agreement with the states on drought reform but the project has stalled under the Abbott Government.

Indeed, one of the first acts of this government was to abolish the COAG Standing Committee on Primary Industries which deals with drought reform.

Currently the Abbott Government’s only response is to claim credit for Labor’s low interest debt relief scheme, Farm Finance.

In response to the severity of the drought the Abbott Government must:

• Relax the farm household payment;

• Enhance the Farm Finance package to provide more relief to more drought affected farm businesses; and

• Resurrect the COAG process to quickly complete the reform process with a focus on natural disaster – something farmers can never adequately plan and prepare for.

Australia’s farmers are hearing plenty of talk from the Abbott Government but they’re seeing no action.  The clock is ticking for many farmers.

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