Australia’s farmers will welcome the Treasurer’s refusal to back Barnaby Joyce’s claim that the Government will move the Australian Pesticides & Veterinary Medicines Authority to Armidale no matter how much it hurts farmers.

When pressed on ABC Insiders this morning, Morrison ducked and weaved but failed to back Barnaby Joyce’s claim on Friday that the APVMA will be moved regardless of the outcome of the cost-benefit analysis.

Farmers are furious about the attempt to move the APVMA out of Canberra.  They know it will badly affect the sector.

The APVMA regulates and approves the chemicals and animal medicines our farmers rely on. Its 200-strong workforce is made up of highly qualified professionals and scientists, who live in Canberra, work in Canberra and send their children to Canberra schools.

It is well known that APVMA will lose the majority of its professional staff if this forced relocation takes place. This will be a disaster for our farmers, who will lose access to critically important crop protection chemicals and animal medicines.

Barnaby Joyce is putting his own survival in New England ahead of farmers’ interests.

Malcolm Turnbull’s silence again shows he does not lead his Party - and it is actually his dirty deals to secure his takeover of Tony Abbott that truly leads him.

SUNDAY, 12 JUNE 2016

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