Farming families were again given false hope of government drought assistance today when the Agriculture Minister failed to correct an answer he gave during Question Time on Monday.

On Monday he told the Parliament that farming families who apply for drought assistance -

“…it is not the case that you apply for the money and then have to wait for your application to be approved.  You actually get the money straight away.”

This of course, is incorrect.

Farming families applying for Farm Household Allowance are finding the process a bureaucratic nightmare.

This was confirmed by the Government’s own Member for Maranoa in a letter to editor on 20 August 2014, who said -

“…the application process to access Centrelink support is too complex and many are giving up as a result.”

By hiding behind the Speaker and refusing to correct his misleading statement, Barnaby Joyce has given farming families false hope.

The Government’s drought package has failed drought-affected families on the land.

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