Fitzgibbon to celebrate National Science Week at Drones in the Vines

Federal Member for Hunter Joel Fitzgibbon will mark National Science Week at an exciting event in the Hunter Valley on Saturday 19 August which will showcase and explore drone technology and the ability for big data to enhance precision agriculture in viticulture.

Drones in the Vines is part of a suite of events organised by Regional Development Australia Hunter’s ME Program for National Science Week in partnership with the Hunter Innovation and Science Hub.

Science has been particularly high on the agenda this week for Mr Fitzgibbon who spoke about National Science Week in an address to Parliament and attended the Centenary Group’s Suit Up for Science event in Canberra where he discussed the latest breakthroughs with Australia’s leading medical researchers.

“This is an important platform that helps us showcase the real contribution science, technology, engineering and maths are making to both emerging industries and the diversification of traditional industries,” Mr Fitzgibbon said about National Science Week in Parliament on Wednesday.

“On Saturday I'll be going to one of my local vineyards to participate in an event called Drones in the Vines. It is a perfect example of how the viticulture sector is embracing technology and innovation. I thank the Hunter Innovation and Science Hub for organising that event, in cooperation with the producers. I'll be very happy to be there celebrating Science Week, the contribution of science and the innovation that's taking place in the agricultural sector.”

As Shadow Minister for Agriculture, Mr Fitzgibbon believes science and technology is leading the way in productivity, innovation and biosecurity in the agriculture sector.

“Science forms the basis of all innovation and nowhere is that more true than in the agricultural sector, Mr Fitzgibbon said.

“From improving the quality of our soil and water resources to producing unique and innovative ways to value add to agricultural products, the contribution of scientists has revolutionized the agriculture industry.

“It also underpins the responses to challenges in the industry particularly through research, diagnostics, surveillance and in the response to biosecurity outbreaks.

“For our aspirations in the agriculture sector to be met, it is vital we nurture emerging scientists and ensure we don’t lose their valuable intellectual capital.” 


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