Forestry industry continues to be left in the dark

This week I sent a Freedom of Information request to the Assistant Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources Senator Colbeck to obtain the letter he sent to both Minister Price and Minister Littleproud detailing the outcomes of the internal review into the Carbon Farming Initiative Water Rule.

At recent Senate Estimates Senator Colbeck refused to provide information about what the outcomes of the review into the water rule thereby continuing to keep the forestry industry in the dark.
The forestry industry has waited long enough for meaningful action and with the fanfare of the Morrison Government Climate Change Fund announcement this week the industry will want to compete on a level playing field and to play a bigger role in a lower carbon economy. But the water rule will act as a barrier to this objective.
Labor calls on the Morrison Government to release the outcomes of the water rule review and commit to removing the water rule.
A Shorten Labor Government is committed to holding a summit for the forestry sector to inform the development of a comprehensive forestry strategic plan and in a bipartisan manner, will consider the work undertaken so far. This commitment has been supported  by the Australian Forest Products Association.
Labor’s forestry plan will seek to adequately promote sustainable profitability, local downstream processing, good local jobs. It will be developed by government, industry, employers and trade unions.

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