Forestry industry deserves more on International Day of Forests

Australia’s Forestry industry will be left disappointed and underwhelmed by the Morrison Government’s latest funding announcement devised to celebrate International Day of Forests today.

Labor acknowledges the United Nations annual day and the opportunity it provides to highlight the importance of education at all levels in achieving sustainable forest management and biodiversity conservation.
However, we also recognise that our forestry industry faces many challenges with education only being one. Our forestry industry needs more than tokenistic, drip fed funding announcements that fail to address the sector’s real needs.
The fanfare of the $200,000 announcement for forestry education is laughable. 
Once again we see the Morrison government committing funding but no real detail as to how or when the funding will be delivered.  
The forest industry is in crisis and needs more trees in the ground.
This Government has a long track record of failing to properly invest and support our important forestry sector.
Despite a string of announcements under the $20 million National Forest Industries Plan, money has failed to flow to the industry which is in desperate need of genuine support. There is also no clear plan on how the money will actually be allocated.
The successive Abbott, Turnbull and Morrison Governments have delivered nothing meaningful for the forestry sector.  
Our forestry industry deserves more.

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