Former national farming leader lashes government on climate change denial

A former President of the National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) has launched a stinging criticism of both the Government’s refusal to acknowledge the link between climate change and drought and its failure to produce meaningful drought and climate policy.

Brent Finlay, who was President of the NFF for three years from 2013 to 2016, told The Guardian Australia -

“Climate change and connectivity are the two biggest issues facing the bush. Climate change is real and we have to have a national drought policy framed on what we know about climate change – the two are interlinked.”

“The climate is changing, you can see it in the eyes of farmers who dismissed it as rubbish eight years ago. By recognising climate change, it is empowering resources to support agriculture.”

Mr Finlay also accused Ministers of being too quick to:
jump in front of the cameras”.
Yesterday the current Prime Minister refused to acknowledge the link between climate change and the severe drought impacting so dramatically on our farming families.

The Government’s response to the drought has been inadequate and has let farmers down. That won’t change until the Prime Minister lays down the foundations for meaningful policy by acknowledging the climate change challenge.

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