FRDC Chair reveals disturbing dinosaur climate change stance

Former National Party Senator Ron Boswell has hit out in an opinion piece criticising Labor’s policies for tackling climate change.

While Mr Boswell was open in stating his former role as National Party Leader in the Senate, he failed to declare his current role as Chair of Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC). 

In fact, Mr Boswell was appointed by former Agriculture Minister and climate change denier Barnaby Joyce. The Morrison Government is hopelessly divided on climate and energy policy.

Putting someone in charge of a fisheries Research and Development Corporation (RDC) who doesn’t believe in science and the impacts of climate change and drought on our marine environment is concerning enough.  But to have a taxpayer remunerated Chair speak in such political tones is inappropriate. And Minister Littleproud should act on it.

Ironically the FRDC website states, “Ron is a strong advocate for Australia’s primary producers and improving their productivity and profitability based on the best knowledge available.”  It is not possible to achieve greater levels of productivity and profitability without dealing with the impacts of climate change and the long term sustainability of the Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry sectors.

Ron Boswell’s dinosaur thinking on climate change mitigation is worrying.  In comparison, we have other RDC’s striving for greater sustainability measures like the red meat industry RDC (MLA) which is working towards a carbon neutral industry by 2030.

Labor is focused on taking action on climate change through evidence based policy.  And we will bring farm energy costs down by ending the Morrison Government’s energy policy inertia.

Agriculture Minister David Littleproud must reconsider Mr Boswell’s position as Chair of FRDC.


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