Today we witnessed the Government running scared from their own backpacker tax legislation.

Labor Senators and the majority of the Senate crossbenchers moved a motion to have the backpackers tax bills debated today.

The motion was successful. It is now up to the Government to respect the Senate process and bring on the bills for debate today.

Currently, they are filibustering on non-controversial bills, which is a slap in the face to our farmers and tourism operators.

Unlike the Government Labor truly understands the urgency of this legislation and the need to provide certainly to our farmers and tourist operators before heading into Christmas.

Sadly, they will have to wait another week and this will compound the stress felt in rural and regional Australia on this issue.

Instead of allowing his Ministers to tell outright lies about the impact of the tax, Malcolm Turnbull needs to stand up and show leadership on this issue.

He must admit the government has got it wrong with their proposed 19 per cent tax rate and adopt Labor’s sensible 10.5 per cent compromise to pass the legislation ASAP.

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