Great Australian Bight

Federal Labor is committed to the sustainable management of Australia’s marine resources and we are a strong defender and manager of our oceans and those who use them. 

It was Labor who put the world’s largest network of marine reserves in place and is continuing to fight for ocean protection.

The proximity to southern ocean combined with the depth of much of the Bight and consequent pressure raises risks and environmental issues which are different to those found in many other sites. Any independent assessment of drilling in the Bight will result in some very high hurdles that a project will need to get over. To date no proposed project has been able to overcome these hurdles. It is essential that environmental standards are in no way lowered by the Government, even if that results in a proposed project not advancing.

Labor has a strong history of acting to protect the environment. It was Labor who initiated the protection of the Great Barrier Reef during the Whitlam Government. It was the Hawke and Keating Governments that protected the Franklin, the Daintree, Antarctica and extended Kakadu. In addition to the world’s largest network of marine reserves, the most recent Labor government ended 30 years of conflict over Tasmania’s forests and 120 years of disagreement over the Murray Darling Basin.

We will continue to act. 

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