Inquiry witnesses slam APVMA pork barrel

Today’s Senate inquiry into the relocation of the Australian Pesticides & Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) confirmed the move is a bad idea.

Agriculture and industry leaders lined up to say the relocation will be a bad thing for farmers, consumers, pet owners, and exporters.

Evidence confirmed that Barnaby Joyce’s pork barrel has already adversely affected the APVMA and will destroy its workforce and its capacity to do its job.  It also confirmed the relocation will cost much more than the $25.6 million Barnaby Joyce claims it will cost.

The inquiry also confirmed Barnaby Joyce has perpetrated a hoax on regional communities; his policy order only applies to four regional cities and none of the other three were given a chance to bid for a chance to house the APVMA.

Department of Agriculture officials were unable to argue there was any benefit to the economy or agriculture, deflecting all questions back to Government.

The tens of millions of dollars it will cost to relocate the APVMA to Barnaby Joyce’s electorate would build many roads, bridges and mobile phone towers in regional Australia.

It’s past time the Prime Minister intervened to stop Barnaby Joyce’s boondoggle.

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