Deputy Speaker and Member for Maranoa Bruce Scott has become the second senior Coalition member in a week to bell the cat on the Abbott Government's failed drought package.

An obviously frustrated Bruce Scott has written to media editors acknowledging the failure of the drought package and committing to do all he can to fix it.

A week ago Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane visited Bruce Scott's drought affected electorate and said the severity and impact of the dry conditions "startled him".

It is disappointing it has taken Coalition members so long to fully appreciate both the severity of the drought and the short-comings of the Government's drought response.

Hopefully Ian Macfarlane and Bruce Scott can now do what Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce has been unable to do - convince Tony Abbott more effective help is needed.

The Prime Ministers much publicised February drought tour was a great political circuit breaker for him but it did little for struggling farming families.

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