Jobs, more agriculture and water security for CQ

A Shorten Labor Government will deliver more than 2,000 construction and agriculture jobs and ensure water security across Central Queensland by committing the full $176 million federal share to build the Rookwood Weir.

This commitment is the first of many that will form Labor’s Plan for Real Jobs in Regional Queensland.

Working side by side with the Queensland Government, Labor’s investment will create more than 100 local construction jobs, and provide a jobs boost to Central Queensland agriculture with increased water supply for crops meaning up to 2,100 new jobs are expected to be created.

Labor’s plan will also help ensure Rockhampton and Gladstone have water security now and into the future, and help ensure Rockhampton is not dependent on seasonal rainfall.

The Rookwood Weir project will deliver an additional 76,000 million litres of water to Rockhampton and the surrounding areas, enabling the production of a number of high value, export ready crops including macadamias, grapes, peanuts and soybeans.

Labor’s number one priority for Queenslanders is jobs. It always has been and it always will be.

Our Plan for Real Jobs in Regional Queensland will see investment in infrastructure, manufacturing, mining, agriculture and energy, and is designed to maximise the massive economic potential of Central and North Queensland.

The Plan will deliver long-term, secure jobs that are tied to infrastructure projects, backed by government investment. 

Me and my team have held sixteen public town halls throughout regional Queensland, listening to thousands of locals about what’s important to them. Labor has spent a lot of time on the ground, getting to know these communities and their priorities. 

The Government needs to get involved in job creation and that’s what Labor will do.

A factsheet with more information can be found here.


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