Australians will have been shocked by the ABC 7.30 program report on greyhound exports.

That's why Barnaby Joyce's unwillingness to act is so bewildering.
The industries leadership shares community concern and has acted by asking the Turnbull Government to make the “passport” system mandatory. However, to date Barnaby Joyce has refused to meet with the industry to discuss better welfare outcomes for greyhounds.
The "passport" system introduced by Greyhounds Australasia requires exporters to meet animal welfare standards before exports are approved. But the Greyhounds Australasia can only impose the "passport" system on its members.  Non-members a free to do the wrong thing.
The Government could move to make the "passport" system mandatory for all exporters but Barnaby Joyce won't have a bar of it.
Labor has pursued the “passport” system through Senate Estimates recently and was disappointed that the Minister’s Department took many of the questions on notice regarding advice they have provided to the Minister or discussions they have had with the Greyhound industry.
It is the industry and Labor on one side and Malcolm Turnbull’s Government on the other.

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