There are more revelations today that the Grain Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) Alan Jones roadshow is both continuing and failing yet Barnaby Joyce's silence remains deafening.

The Weekly Times is reporting that grower attendance at the Swan Hill event may have been as low as 13 and for the second time we see a conservative Politician Peter Walsh - Victorian Opposition agriculture spokesman - taking part in the roadshows. Yet Barnaby Joyce refuses to even comment let alone act.

The Minister’s continuing support for the use of grain growers’ research and development levies for marketing, conference sponsorship and roadshows hosted by Alan Jones will be disappointing to farmers.

The Grains Research Development Corporation is a statutory body with no authority to use levy payers’ money for marketing purposes.

Growers will also be disappointed to learn that the GRDC refused to ¬answer questions on how much the event had cost growers, directing The Weekly Times to a campaign manager at Fairfax Media, who also would not comment.

Labor has sought information regarding the cost of these events through Senate Estimates, however, Barnaby Joyce could reassure farmers today that he has asked questions on behalf of the farmers to GRDC about the legitimacy of their current roadshow campaign.

Again, I challenge Minister Joyce to rule out participating in the road show events.

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