Barnaby Joyce continues to condone the use of grain growers’ research and development levies for marketing, conference sponsorship and roadshows hosted by Alan Jones.

Despite revelations that “Country Party” founder Peter Mailler has been a road show participant, which has provided him with a platform to raise the profile of his own political party, the Agriculture Minister remains silent on the road show. 

The Grains Research Development Corporation is a statutory body with no authority to use levy payers’ money for marketing purposes.

Growers will be disappointed that their hard earned levy dollars are not being spent on genuine communication with them at the grass roots level about research priorities, future developments and how better uptake of technologies can be achieved.

It is obvious from concerns raised by local Goondiwindi Growers that these road shows are not aimed purely to engage with growers but are designed to act as a marketing platform for those involved and this misuse of funds is occurring on Barnaby Joyce's watch.

Again, I challenge Minister Joyce to rule out participating in the road show events.


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