Another week has passed and Barnaby Joyce has still not released the tax-payer funded cost-benefit analysis (CBA) on his crazy relocation of the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) to his own electorate.

Indeed this week he formally refused to hand over the CBA. Or did he? 

The Minister’s letter in response to my formal request for the CBA didn’t say “no”.  Rather, he just waffled, with his half-truths that the quasi relocations of the RDCs can be compared with moving the APVMA to his own electorate.

The Minister continues to show contempt for the work undertaken by the APVMA to keep Australians safe both by regulating the chemicals farmers use but also by regulating the everyday household chemicals millions of Australians use.  Further, this ill-conceived relocation has the real potential of undermining the health not only of our farm animals but also millions of pets around Australia who require animal medicines.

Sadly, it appears the Minister is not concerned or does not understand the impact the relocation of the APVMA will cause, or does he? And possibly this is why he is keeping the report secret.

It’s past time the Prime Minister intervened in this issue. The National Farmers Federation, CropLife and all key stakeholders agree the relocation will cost more than $24 million and will dramatically undermine the APVMA’s ability to provide timely approval for the crop sprays and veterinary medicines which are so important to our farmers.

Having spent $272,000 of taxpayers’ money on the CBA, the Prime Minister should make sure they see it.

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