Labor's Country Caucus held its annual planning meeting in Devonport today.

After engaging with farmers, growers, manufacturers and other key stakeholders yesterday, the MPs and Senators met to discuss key policy issues and regional engagement plans.

Country Caucus spokesperson Joel Fitzgibbon said jobs, health, aged care, education, telecommunications and regional inequality featured heavily in the policy discussion.

"Everywhere we go people want to know that there will be a good job for their children and grandchildren. They want Australia to be a country which makes things and a place where everyone has a chance to get the skills and education they need to secure a rewarding and well paid job,” Mr Fitzgibbon said.

“But they also want us to deal with regional disadvantage in telecommunications, health, aged care and other services,” he added.

"It's been a long three and a half years for our regional communities since Tony Abbott and the Turnbull Coalition Government came to power. From their cosy spots in Sydney's wealthy suburbs both Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott promised something better but have demonstrated they are both hopelessly out of touch.

“Adding insult to injury, Barnaby Joyce and the Nationals continue to sell themselves as a party for the bush, yet consistently fail to genuinely stand up for Australians living in rural and regional areas.

"Labor is determined to make sure our regional communities get a better deal."


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