Labor moves Senate Inquiry into Australia's Pesticides and Animal Medicines regulator

In light of concerns over the use of Glyphosate, it is critical that Australians have confidence in the regulation of agricultural chemicals and animal medicines and in the independence of the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA).

Maintaining consumer confidence is critical to ensuring our farmers have timely access to productivity enhancing products.
It is equally as important that Australians are confident in the capacity of the APVMA to effectively review these chemicals in a timely way.
There is no doubt the Government’s decision to relocate the APVMA has impacted on its operations. 
Reporting today questioning the regulation of glyphosate use in Australia by the APVMA highlights the need for Australia to have a strong and independent regulator.
For that reason we will be moving a Senate inquiry into the independence of regulatory decisions made by the APVMA.
Our inquiry will consider the effectiveness and responsiveness of the APVMA’s processes for reviewing agricultural chemicals – including glyphosate.
It will also consider the funding arrangements for the APVMA and any impact they have on its independent, evidence-based decision making.
Finally, the inquiry will consider the impact of the APVMA’s relocation on its capacity to undertake reviews of agricultural chemicals in a timely matter.
This issue is too important to the agricultural community, to Australia’s farmers, and to consumers to be left unresolved.

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